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of global greenhouse gas emissions come from household consumption behaviour, making consumers key actors in reaching net zero.*

At least


of consumers are considering the carbon footprint of their purchases.**

*Science Direct – It starts at home? Climate policies targeting household consumption and behavioral decisions are key to low-carbon futures

**Jarni Blakkarly – Consumer awareness growing around carbon credentials

Carbon neutral life

My Sphere

Sphere provides technology that calculates the estimated CO₂ emissions from your consumption.

Keep an eye out for our app that will be available soon.

The app educates you of the impact of your consumption on the environment, and provides hints and tips for you to make better informed decisions.

The app also offers the option for you to – seamlessly and in real time – purchase CO₂ offset credits for any remaining CO₂ emissions. These credits can be donated to a CO₂ offset project that you feel most associated with. 

Now it's your turn

Projects for me

Via global partnerships, Sphere has access to over 7,000 CO₂ offset projects globally across afforestation / reforestation projects, solar projects, wind, sequestration and others.

Examples of projects consumers can support include:

  • The Lakemere Human Induced Regeneration Project in Australia
  • Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in Australia
  • The Greening Malaysia Program in Malaysia
  • Halo Verde Timor Community Forest Carbon Project in Timor Leste
  • Katingan Conservation Project in Indonesia
Carbon neutral life

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