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The Launch 

24 June 2024 

Australian Eco FinTech brand, Sphere, launched today, combining world-leading Australian payments technology with top university research capabilities to help consumers lower their carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse emissions.

CEO & Founder, Mr Jeroen van Son, said Sphere combines award-winning card payments technology developed in Australia with the research prowess of Swinburne University of Technology, which has joined as an equity partner in the company. The partnership seeks to continue to improve and innovate a carbon action solution using AI and machine learning.

Swinburne University

24 June 2024

Swinburne & Sphere join forces for eco-friendly fintech solution

Melbourne’s Swinburne University has entered into a partnership with Australian eco-fintech brand Sphere to promote personal climate action through innovative payment technologies. The collaboration aims to help consumers understand and mitigate their carbon footprint by using AI and machine learning to analyse card payments, providing solutions such as carbon offset projects.

Sphere’s technology will estimate the carbon footprint of an individual’s expenditure and offer opportunities to offset emissions through tree planting and restoration projects. The initiative is designed to work seamlessly through consumer banking apps and merchant checkouts. Sphere has set an ambitious target of offsetting more than 6.5 million tonnes of CO2 by 2027.

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