Who we are

Our vision is to drive technology for good.

A message from our CEO & Founder

“Sphere foresees a future where the technology we provide to our clients and end-users is a force for good.

We believe that education is the key to progress. Educating consumers on the environmental impact of their consumption is critical. Giving people options to live a more sustainable lifestyle as well as opportunities to offset the impact of their consumption will create a better, more sustainable tomorrow.

We help consumers spend, save, and invest in ethical and sustainable projects that contribute to individual and collective wellbeing.”

Jeroen van Son
Sphere, Chief Executive Officer.

What we do

We build and deploy technology for good

Sphere provides technology to banks and merchants that calculates the estimated CO₂ emissions from an individual’s consumption.

The solution educates consumers of the impact of their consumption on the environment and provides hints and tips for consumers to make better informed decisions.

The solution also offers the option for consumers to – seamlessly and in real time – purchase CO₂ offset credits for any remaining CO₂ emissions. These credits will be associated with a CO₂ offset project that the consumer feels most associated with, enabling everyone to ‘live a carbon neutral life’.

Sphere green aims diagram

Safe & secure platform

Evidenced by PCI compliance with 24hr service monitoring to help you manage your services securely with speed.

Low client integration

We adopt an API first strategy to empower organisations to scale or deliver value.


Sphere's features allow for modular builds to deploy innovative solutions. Clients are able to customise their products in near real time.


Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime and are certified with the highest standards.

A recognised leader in payments innovation

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Email us at info@sphereforgood.com

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