Live carbon neutral

Understand your impact

Learn how your purchasing decisions impact the planet and make a change.

Offset your emissions

Make micro investments in eco-friendly projects to offset your emissions.

Expand your sphere

Help influence your friends, family, industry and public policy.

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How it works

Step 1 - Live Carbon Neutral

Step 1

Learn the CO₂ impact of your day-to-day purchases

Step 2 - Live Carbon Neutral

Step 2

Learn about opportunities to reduce your emissions & lower your carbon footprint

Step 3 - Live Carbon Neutral

Step 3

Live carbon neutral by contributing offset credits to a quality project of your choice

Live carbon neutral with technology for good

Sphere offers technology to banks and merchants that calculates the estimated CO₂ emissions resulting from an individual’s consumption habits. This innovative solution not only raises awareness about the environmental impact of your consumption but also provides valuable insights and suggestions to help you make more environmentally conscious choices.

Moreover, Sphere provides you with the opportunity to effortlessly and instantly purchase CO₂ offset credits to neutralise any remaining emissions. These credits are linked to a CO₂ offset project of your choice, allowing everyone to contribute to a more sustainable future and strive towards living a carbon neutral lifestyle.

The Sphere app: helping you live carbon neutral

Keep an eye out for our app which will be available soon. The app educates you on the impact of your consumption on the environment and provides hints and tips for you to make better informed decisions.  The app also offers the option for you to – seamlessly and in real time – purchase CO₂ offset credits for any remaining CO₂ emissions. These credits can be donated to a CO₂ offset project that you feel most associated with.

Sphere’s Carbon Calculator is independently validated by a Big 4 global advisory firm.

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